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View Diary: Proud To Announce The Birth Of Little Wink (348 comments)

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  •  congrats and welcome back to DK - single payer (14+ / 0-)

    i think that pushing single payer health care is what got you into hot water here at DK

    now it is clear to more and more of us that Obama is working for the 1% on far too many issues

    right now he is trying to use the grand bargain to cut SS and medicare, something that Republicans have been trying to so since they were enacted

    look how Elizabeth Warren can stir up the water

    the politicians want froth and crap to change the subject from what they need to be working on

    like the F-35 air plane

    we don't have trillions to waste on wars and military while the empire collapses

    and the Koch brothers are looking to buy major newspapers which is another step in the collapse of journalism

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