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  •  they have a dichotomy where they espouse (6+ / 0-)

    a smaller government for economic issues while they actually champion a larger government for enforcement of their moral issues.  This is a basic contradiction.  For example, you cannot criminalize abortion without increasing the number of LE officials to enforce these laws and more judges to try the cases and more prisons and personnel to incarcerate the violators.

    The same with their desire to reinstitute sodomy laws to criminalize sexuality with the same need for more government.  This leads to the problem of funding this larger government which is so much more intrusive in to our privacy.  Without increased taxes, government is not able to undertake these additional tasks unless we take from other areas which is what the GOP is now trying to do, cutting welfare and education in order to fund the larger government.  Ultimately this will fail, as seen in the latest GOP budget proposal which presupposes the repeal of ACA

    •  I do not think (1+ / 0-)
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      Ian Reifowitz

      that this hypocracy is lost on the youth in the republican party.  

      lately i've met lots (including old friends) who are very socially liberal, but are republicans because they are fiscally conservative.  They are not the racist "baggers" that we see on fox, but are "waiting out" the old baggers to die in order to take over the R party.

      I'm just not sure if they will be able to wait it out, or if it will take forming a third party (libertarian) and filling it's ranks will happen first.

      95% of all life forms that once existed on earth are now extinct. It is only a matter of time until the Republicans follow suit.

      by PRRedlin on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 05:02:28 AM PDT

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      •  I think a third party is in the offing (1+ / 0-)
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        Ian Reifowitz

        though I gave up on third parties after Anderson

      •  Hypocrisy on display (2+ / 0-)
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        True North, TheDuckManCometh

        This morning on NPR's news coverage of CPAC they interviewed a young lady in an effort to show that, yes, young people are conservative too.

        So this young lady is chatting with other attendees and asking, and I'll paraphrase so I don't have to type "like" a dozen times:  "Have you ever noticed how a lot TV these days is actually conservative?  Like that Modern Family show.  Yeah, there is the gay couple, but they're married and they have kids.  The show is really about the importance of family which is a very conservative value."

        How self-unaware and hypocritical does a person have to be to buy into conservatism these days?  To simultaneously support a movement that fights tooth and nail to prevent gay marriage and adoption while also claiming that gay marriage and adoption are truly conservative values displays an unbelievable level of cognitive dissonance.  Just wow.

        This exchange also puts on display the strawman liberal they've all set themselves against.  In their minds liberals are anti families and children.  That is absurd.

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