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View Diary: Our Autistic Son - The District is Still Going After Him (114 comments)

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  •  But these days, a lot of law firms have gone... (4+ / 0-) flat rate billing.  "We will represent you from beginning to end for $XXX."  Maybe in NYC it's different especially with top-flight superstar litigators, but where I live even the top-shelf firms are now increasingly using a flat-rate billing model.  "Oh, capital murder defense with DNA experts?  That'll be $250,000."  Or "Defendant in a complex contract dispute with subject-matter experts? We'll carry you all the way though US Circuit Court of Appeals en banc hearing for $1,000,000."    

    Yes, the economy is that bad that even lawyers are having to change billing practices.

    So from the district's standpoint, the money may be spent, and they don't lose anything by not backing down.  I forget where, but I've heard it said that a lawsuit is a game of brinkmanship, and the side that comes to its senses first loses.  These new billing schemes eliminate the whole brinkmanship aspect of some civil cases, where the first side to run out of money cries uncle.    

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