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View Diary: Our Autistic Son - The District is Still Going After Him (114 comments)

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    To your horror. We have sued the Hawaii Dept of Education numerous times on behalf of our autistic non verbal son. While we have won and now have him in a private school for disabled kids where I am president of the board of directors, not all parents have been that lucky. Here on Maui we have this,  a story of a young female student trying to protect a 2nd grade autistic boy who was unaccompanied on the school playground while 5 fifth grade bullies stomped him. The girl was then bullied and beaten over a 4 month period. The district did nothing and threatened the girls parents with child protective services if they pulled their daughter out, never mind the autistic boy and the circumstances surrounding his beating. Sadly, this is typical of how the public school system treats the developmentally disabled across the country. There's never money for books and programs, but plenty for lawyers and expensive lawsuits.

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