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  •  learning about the background (3+ / 0-)

    a young philosopher I follow, Graham Harman, has written a book about the horror and science fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft.

    the following is from a review of his book

    the point is the importance of the background

    Along the way, Harman puts  forward some claims that require further assessment. Among these, I found most  intriguing that philosophy is “the science of the background.”17 The technical concern of  the philosopher, then, is to generate materials that provoke further examination of the  prevailing conditions of the moments and environments in which we find ourselves; that  “the background is where the action is.”18 The quality of one's contributions to this field  can be assessed by how well these contributions inspire misreadings and generate a  mysterious atmosphere. The craft of philosophical work is to create a deferential attuning  of oneself to the matters at hand and of concern. The result is a radiation of this  deferential attunement such that it permeates the atmosphere. Lovecraft's writing seems  to do its heavy lifting when this deferential tendency is able to meet its mark: by inciting  the reader to create a sensible reading of what is presented.
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