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View Diary: Books That Changed My Life: Transforming Existential Angst into Scientific Inquiry (40 comments)

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  •  thank you for wonderful diary. (4+ / 0-)

    I will read this book.

    Btw, the Club for Rome recently popped up for me when I read Jonathan Franzen's novel Freedom. I hadn't heard of them before and now, since I have, they keep popping up more and more, of course.

    There are moments when the body is as numinous as words, days that are the good flesh continuing. -- Robert Hass

    by srkp23 on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 06:30:38 AM PDT

    •  I'll have to read that novel! I haven't (3+ / 0-)

      heard of the Club of Rome in any other context, so I'll be googling them now, to see what I can find.

      If you're going to read the book, you might consider reading one of the updates that are mentioned in a downstream comment.  I'm sorry I didn't think to mention them in my diary. There were 20-year, 30-year, & maybe now 40-year anniversary updated editions, and I think Beyond the Limits may have been an additional commentary, though I could be wrong on that -- it may have been what they called one of the anniversary updates.

    •  The Koch-funded Club for Growth (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Kay Observer2, ivote2004

      is named in opposition to the Club of Rome.

      It's been obvious since the publication of Limits to Growth that the survival of human civilization would me that free-market economics has to go. But the Kochs and other billionaires decided that this message is what has to go. They don't care how many people perish in the dieback -- their families will be shielded by their wealth, and in the aftermath they will have everything needed to rule -- so they plan.

      •  I hadn't made that connection about the Club for (0+ / 0-)

        Growth, but it makes sense. And I think you're right about the Kochs in general. They seem to have no moral or ethical sense at all -- they're just blind parasites who don't care who or what they destroy.

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