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View Diary: First Amendment: Indiana Blogger Jailed (18 comments)

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  •  the royals yes, our own gov't, no. (0+ / 0-)

    "I thought punishment for talking back to the royals went out 1776!"

    don't forget The Alien and Sedition Act, making it illegal to say bad things about the federal gov't, so it's not like IN didn't have a role model here.

    threatening someone with physical violence has always been beyond the protection of the first amendment, but the threat does have to be realistic. for example, threatening to "punch you to the moon!" would (i hope, anyway) be seen as hyperbole, not an actual threat to punch you to the moon. threatening to shoot someone on the other hand, is an actual threat, pretty easily carried out.

    threats against public officials are taken even more seriously, and should be, since they put themselves out in public daily, and are thus more vulnerable. again, it still must be a realistic threat.

    does someone have a link to a site with the entire story available on it?

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