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    Silvia Nightshade, jlms qkw

    The less impressed I am with Portman's change of heart.

    I could be wrong, but in this case, I don't care if I am.

    Consider, Portman was not only a VP contender but at one point a possible nominee. What is two years? Closer to three perhaps?

    Did his son, out of loyalty to his dad, come out to give him the news that would inevitably be revealed at some point during the campaign, thus sparing the spectacle?

    Sorry, but I refuse to believe that Romney didn't consider this a disqualifier. Ohio was his sweet spot. Portman was acceptable to the full spectrum of the party and, in my view, a far less polarizing figure than Ryan to moderates he had to have.

    Did Portman wait all this out, trying to advance his own career--son's needs be damned?

    Last, and let me stipulate I'm not comfortable with this practice, is it possible that an outside entity was poised to reveal this just ahead of the Supreme Court cases? Was he boxed in?

    He didn't look to me like a man solid in his convictions in that CNN interview. I'm happy he came around, but when he said he'd not be an advocate (let his statement speak for itself), I saw a guy who has moved from hypocrite to pragmatic, boxed in coward, nothing more.

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