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  •  I always remind them of this freedom (1+ / 0-)
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    . . .the freedom not to go through your windshield.

    When air bags were first proposed, all manner of fears were interjected. We were told they would blow our ear drums out upon impact. We were told they would go off on their own as we drove down a street and we would be unable to see around them. We were told they would raise the price of cars to unrealistic levels. We were told these things and probably many more I have forgotten.

    Within I thin, six months, possibly a bit longer, the auto company's that had fought so hard to prevent their passage, began advertising that they had more airbags than the next company. No increase in price was ever seen. And, never have I heard of anyone with blown ear drums or random deployment of the bags.

    This law, which was so vehemently fought, has dropped the death rates on the highways considerably. Many, many people have freedom they never would have had this law not been passed.

    It's not freedom to breath through a tube. Remind them of that. Sometimes, law and the government actually do work.

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