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  •  More trumpets, indeed, because only we believers (2+ / 0-)
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    Don midwest, Kay Observer2

    pay any attention to Krugman, and the media speak for  their owners. The 98% already knows that putting more money in the hands of the rich doesn't create jobs. It shouldn't be too hard to show that the lackeys of the 2% are trying to feed us the same poison once again.

    •  it's easy to feel that way (0+ / 0-)

      Maybe too easy. That tone is fine for preaching to the converted. But that's not what will drive a wedge between the conventional wisdom and its legacy of lackey-lies. Our trumpets should change the conversation and shift the frame to help us get what we believe is best. Saying it "shouldn't be too hard" potentially underestimates the zombie-lies' ability to continue moving while remaining undead. I'm not disagreeing with you, actually. But how can WE next-step this? How can our dKos community participate in the ways where we shift 2% of the national conversation (my personal quantitative estimate of what we do and can do when we are at our most effective)?

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