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View Diary: In an America 'can do' speech, Obama introduces Energy Security Trust for transportation innovations (47 comments)

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  •  Really? Businesses are sitting on $2 Trillion (0+ / 0-)

    or more in profits just looking for somewhere profitable to invest it.

    Breakthroughs in battery technology - and almost any energy innovation - could potentially be extremely profitable.

    There are more than enough free market forces in play to fund all of the energy projects listed - especially new battery technologies, etc.

    $375 million investment in cleaner energy from fossil fuels,

    Good lord.. The oil and gas industry need 1/3 billion??? They should be self-funding.  

    Let's fund pure research.. and let's make tax laws attractive to renewable power developers, keeping new wind turbines coming.

    But, there are research groups out there begging for a few million to continue further steps in fusion and other technologies, while we're giving hundreds of millions to gas and oil drilling research?

    And let's also fund some mini-nuke reactor projects..

    We don't need to be funding fossil fuel projects.

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