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View Diary: GFHC - Open Thread - New evidence: My mother-in-law is a space alien (66 comments)

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  •  In your nineties, you can ride naked on a unicorn (4+ / 0-)
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    if you want.

    I see a light in the sky, therefore humanoid space aliens are flying spaceships over my house. That's quite a leap.

    It's just a light in the sky.

    Lots of people see things in the sky that are unusual or unfamiliar. That's real. Floaters and retinal tearing can create some very unusual and vivid bright visual effects. Been there. Still have some problems.

    Even when you know what you're seeing isn't real, the visual cortex affects primal functions directly. What you see is very real and often very annoying and distracting.

    God bless your Grandpop.

    "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

    by GrumpyOldGeek on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 02:30:51 AM PDT

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