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View Diary: CPAC 2013: Wayne LaPierre and Bachmann want to spend your money (102 comments)

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    a2nite crib KO, the worst person in the world. While kids are dying, he offers non-solutions. The good guy with a gun in every school is preposterous. It's not just one guy, because employees call in sick, go on vacation, etc..., so you need back ups. And, to really protect the kids, you would need armed protectors on buses and at away athletic events. They would have to be heavily armed to match up with the crazies who come in with body armor and Bushmasters. The monetary cost would be prohibitive.

    Worse, even good guys with guns sometimes lose them, or discharge them negligently or mistakenly. So there will be a body count cost too.

    We don't want to be a society where we need armed protection at all times. Austrailia, Britain and all civilized countries have shown how to reduce gun violence, but Wayne La pierre just does not care, so long as he has his seven figure salary and his armed guards (he might call them jack-booted thugs). Sickening.

    Hunter, as for you, beware the Stockholm Syndome!

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