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View Diary: David Pogue of the NYTimes Mansplains it to the Stupid Secretary (417 comments)

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  •  You hit the nail on the head (4+ / 0-)

    Reading her crap reminded me all those stupid R's who insisted that mid-westerner's votes should count more than people on the east coast because they were REAL AMERICANS.  It was as if people they couldn't relate to were some how less real. Just because she doesn't respect  his work doesn't mean it is any less "real" than her work.

    I sense she has a chip on her shoulder about being disrespected as a secretary. She may have encountered several instances of REAL sexism, but this is not one of them. People doing things like this sort of make me embarrassed to be a woman. Although she seems to have a good sense of the technical issues here, she clearly has poor personal communication skills. I hope her duties don't require much human interaction. I certainly feel sorry for anyone who is required to interact with her on a regular basis.

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