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  •  also, Senator Gillibrand on MSNBC (6+ / 0-)

    Denise, great diary! Wanted to point out another interview with Senator Gillibrand (disclaimer: I work for her, see my sig) on MSNBC recently where she and Andrea Mitchell talked about the impact more women in leadership has on policy, in the context of the hearing Kirsten chaired last week on sexual assault in the military:

    Andrea Mitchell: “Senator, it has not gone unnoticed that this is the first hearing in 10 years on this subject and it's only when you became chair of the committee and we have 20 senators that are women that this issue is really getting focus. Coincidence?”

    Kirsten Gillibrand: “No. I don’t think so and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been such a strong advocate for asking more women to participate in politics, to vote, to be heard, to run, because when women are at the table, different issues are discussed, it’s a broader agenda and it’s an agenda that looks out for all Americans, and oftentimes those who are voiceless.”

    This is why Kirsten has made electing more women a focus of her Off The Sidelines campaign. In fact, last cycle alone, Kirsten raised more than $1 million for women candidates. We're working hard to exceed that this cycle.

    And for more on the hearing on military sexual assault, I highly recommend the video Upworthy posted. Kirsten's amazing, hope you'll check it out:

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