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View Diary: Republicans struggle to find right balance between respect for Rob Portman and defending bigotry (89 comments)

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    I do not understand where Cantor gets the idea that he can use his "religious convictions" to oppose marriage equality.

    Cantor was raised in Conservative Judaism. The Union of Conservative Judaism which is the movement's official governing body, has participated in an amicus brief, in conjunction with a consortium of other religious bodies, requesting that the Supreme Court uphold the Ninth Circuit's decision overturning Prop 8. Conservative Judaism ordains openly gay and lesbian rabbis, supports marriage equality and permits individual rabbis to solemnize same-sex marriages (of Jews) if they so desire. Unlike some faiths, members are free to disagree with the governing body but support of marriage equality among Conservative Jews is quite high. And of course it's possible that Cantor has become a modern Orthodox Jew. Orthodox Judaism officially does not support marriage equality but generally tries to stay out of other LGBT rights issues. However many Orthodox Jews are more progressive on social issues than is the governing body.  Regardless of the many obnoxious positions Joe Lieberman has held, Lieberman who IS Orthodox fought for years to get DADT overturned and as far as I know also supports marriage equality. So Cantor is not only a coward to hide behind his religion, he is out of step with the majority of his coreligionists as well. Cantor is just a shandeh. And a putz.

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      It is all just a blur of buzz words to them, isn't it?  Not a shred of actual conviction, let alone shame.

      •  "Whatever I think my constituents will like" (0+ / 0-)

        is about how to summarize it. I presume Cantor's district is pretty conservative; suburbs of Richmond plus some fairly rural areas to the north and west. Still I'm willing to bet he could change his mind on marriage equality and still not have to break a sweat in the next election.

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