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View Diary: New report highlights inequality in the Social Security debate (43 comments)

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  •  I have worked exactly 22 years in the US (0+ / 0-)

    at least 1/4 only part-time and had not one employer who offered a 401-K for 18 out of the 22 years. My income ranged between 34 000 to 52 000. My SS is barely touching $ 1,000.00 a month and if I were to wait til I am 70, I would reach the incredible wealth of a $ 1,250 per month SS check.

    I definitely wouldn't be able to pay my monthly fixed living costs, food and car on that even with a paid off roof over my head.

    So, there is definitely an error in that calculation and apparently it is wrongly assumed or forgotten that not all employers offer a 401 K or a pension plan and not all employers offer you full-time employment all the time.

    You know how much my SS increases each month I work longer than 66? Around $ 15.00.

    If any idiot thinks I will work longer for those misely $ 15.00 they must be very much mistaken.

    And if I look at the jobs my son hold including 5 1/2 military service and never having had a permanent full-time job outside the military, you better don't think about any SS check doing anything but making him a poor guy for the rest of his life and you better believe that Democrats who don't defend real SS benefits can kiss my ass.

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