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  •  I guess you'd say they're multiple purpose ponds. (6+ / 0-)

    Wildlife of many kinds use them. We've had frogs, toads, salamanders, dragonflies, damselflies, stoneflies, water beetles, and anyone's guess as to what else, use them for nurseries. We also get many types of insects that use them for their source of drinking water once the rainy season is over. Wasps, particularly paper wasps and mud-daubers use it all summer long. We also have about three dozen goldfish and two koi in the largest one. We find animal tracks along the edge but they've never been a problem at the pond. The raccoons may have taken a few goldfish over the years, or not, don't know, but the two koi have been untouched for several years.  I pulled a half drowned possum out of it this past summer. I doubt if he'll go swimming there again. Never seen any water birds there, like herons or such, but small song birds drink there occasionally, though not that often.

    There's a bit of work maintaining them, more than you might think, but it's worth it to us. They do attract a lot of wildlife that we wouldn't otherwise see much of around the yard and it's a nice place to just sit and do nothing.  

    We decided the biggest one needed a little shade this summer during the heat wave so I built a small bridge over it. It's still not finished yet, have to build some steps on each end and will probably add supports for the rail about midway across.

    Just went through my folders and was surprised to see I only have one picture of the pond itself, (though I have many of the insects in and around it. I took this pic shortly after building the bridge.

      photo newbridge_zpsb9d4e6e0.jpg

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    by burnt out on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 06:33:11 PM PDT

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