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View Diary: KY-Sen: McConnell makes "old lady" joke about Hillary Clinton (144 comments)

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  •  not really all that surprising. it's what the r's (14+ / 0-)

    say about her in "quiet rooms" etc. & anyone who has rw relatives (like me) has grown tired of the hillary is a lesbian bitch "jokes" they've been telling for years. it's the same treatment they gave eleanor roosevelt -- & a big reason they have a problem with women voters. duhh.

    they're very strange, warped, & sadistic, & mcconnell's remark is an example of what passes for the r brand's sense of humor.

    •  heh... (0+ / 0-)

      In Eleanor's case, there may be a tiny bit of truth to the rumor....

      Hillary?  Not so much.  Hillary gets called that b/c the RWnuts can't stand a woman of character and determination.  They need a fainting couch and she doesn't, and that fact makes their blood boil.

      Irony takes a worse beating from Republicans than Wile E. Coyote does from Acme. --Tara the Antisocial Social Worker

      by Youffraita on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 11:39:29 PM PDT

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      •  i don't really know that much about eleanor's (0+ / 0-)

        sexual preferences & could care less. her enemies thought she was a bitch b/c she was smart & not afraid to speak her mind & while other 1st ladies before her had done the same (coolidge's wife & hoover's, too) the fact that she was a liberal made her unacceptable.

        the rw pretends to love hillary as long as she's not running for anything but they're salivating at the chance the d's will nominate her in 2016, especially kkkarl rove. he's wanted to defeat a clinton ever since bc took daddy bush out in 92.

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