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  •  the good news / bad news paradigm (0+ / 0-)

    of DK RKBA discussions, as illustrated by everything else above.

    Good news:  once both sides of the issue get their fill of snark and mockery of the message, both parties to the discussion can usually find common ground and some meaningful discussion can be held, about how to both preserve 2A rights while promoting safety.  We are after all, reasonable and intelligent people here (at least more reasonable then other online communities).

    Bad news:  Once the snark/mockery starts, it can take a while to let it burn itself out, then when meaningful discussion (finally) takes place, both parties are usually wiped out.  So it ends up being 90% noise and 10% useful discussion (i.e Kossacks talking to one another instead of shouting down one another).

    I just wish we could just skip past the emotion and snark every time and get to the discussion part sooner.

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