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    1. Democrats are already on the electoral defensive in 2014. The US Senate is very, very much at stake. Chained CPI and raising the Medicare Retirement Age are both bad policy and bad politics. So, of course, they are "on the table".
    2. Democrats, insanely, even begin an open push to put their fingerprints all over Social Security cuts as their policy. Their contribution to chasing Austerity. To get bad faith Republicans to embrace temporary loophole closings and tax reforms that can easily be undone by the next Republican President. Something that will be easier to accomplish if Democrats destroy their brand.
    3. Republicans refuse to budge, and bide their time. What could possibly be next?
    4. Citizen's United, FreedomWorks, AmericanCrossroads all unload on Democrats. "I opposed the Obama/Democrat Party Social Security Cuts".
    5. Republicans, insanely, are able to cast themselves as the defenders of a Social Safety Net they have longed for decades to destroy, Democrats, insanely, are easily cast in the role of attacking Social Security
    6. GOP retakes the US Senate on the back of this gambit. It is very possible. Then what?
    7. The most extreme Republican Senators are given Committee Chair assignments. Ted Cruz with a gavel and the lawyers, investigators, and subpoena power that go with it.
    8. Solyndra, Ben Ghazi, and Fast and the Furious faux scandals are now no longer just talk radio kabuki threatre, but actual beltway scandals and fodder for Arkansas Project style impeachment push.
    9. Obama, who pushed for "Grand Bargain" now faces real risk of, at best, total governing paralysis and, at worst, impeachment over trumped up bullshit.
    10. All of this could have been avoided by Democrats not being stupid enough to embrace being the party of entitlement cuts, while already behind the eight ball going into 2014, to chase the fantasy that you could "take x, y, and z off the table" with a deal with the most bad faith Movement Conservative borg to ever enter the District of Columbia.

    And now we get word that, right after the Democratic leadership embraces Chained CPI, the same sort of instant pie in the face that Harry Reid took on his idiotic handshake filibuster deal with Mitch McConnell comes with this news.

    And it might be the best thing to happen to the Democrats, mere total humilation. Rather than total suicide.


    I belong to a party run by idiots.

    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 04:36:24 PM PDT

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