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View Diary: So You're Shocked Some Young, Southern White Dude Defended Slavery at CPAC? (249 comments)

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  •  the Founding Fathers do not have authority over us (1+ / 0-)
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    Cassandra Waites

    There is no reason why this country must be anything other than what we want it to be.

    I think it's important to pull the Founders down off their pedestal.  There's so much more to be learned about them, about what they created, and about where we need to go by dropping the myth of selfless visionaries and cardboard archetypes and instead deal with them as who they really were: mostly wealthy men of their time with agendas.  A lot of them were straight-up romantics who were trying to re-create their own myth: the myth of the Roman Republic as some paragon of civic virtue - when in reality it was an ossified oligarchy and an empire in denial that died in the throes of civil war between elites and populists.  A lot of them were conservatives who utterly failed to anticipate even self-evident social and economic change: thinking and even hoping that we'd remain an agrarian backwater forever.

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