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View Diary: So You're Shocked Some Young, Southern White Dude Defended Slavery at CPAC? (249 comments)

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    Dumbo, schnecke21

    Good point.

    But the other interesting question is:  How do we know they "treated them kindly"?  It's not like anybody ever arrested the slave-owners who weren't so kind.  Nor are there a lot of historical diaries from slaves that would allow for comparisons.

    My guess is that mostly the "treated them kindly" claims come simply from the slave-owner's general reputation (in the white, slave-owning community) -- i.e. he was "a good man", or a minister, or a respected community leader, or a president, so "of course" he must have treated his slaves kindly.

    Thanks for the posting and comments.  As a northwesterner, these comments were an eye-opener to me.

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