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View Diary: So You're Shocked Some Young, Southern White Dude Defended Slavery at CPAC? (249 comments)

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  •  Dixie had used blackmail and terror for years (1+ / 0-)
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    to force other USA citizens not merely to bow to their wishes, but to refrain from discussing too bluntly, their "peculiar institution" :
    in 1856
    A group of Dixie Senators formed a terrorist mob and surrounded Senator Sumner (a fierce anti-slavery northern Senator) so their designated hit-man could beat him near to death with a metal tipped cane, ON THE SENATE FLOOR, while they stood by to prevent any of the horrified witnesses from stopping this.

    Abolitionists who were merely beaten and had their farm or newspaper business burned to the ground were the fairly lucky ones. The total number of non-slave US victims who were murdered during this sad period will never be known.

    Even worse, the casual torture and killing of any slave who attempted to stand up for themselves, never mind actually trying to organize other slaves in protest, was so common that even guessing a number is hard.

    The election of Lincoln showed that this Dixie domination was going to be increasingly challenged by the rest of the USA and even a fair number below the mason-Dixon line.

    Naturally Dixie pride dictated that a long and bloody war was preferable to the possibility of less than 100% control over the issue of slavery inside Dixie ... forever.
    In fact there was a major percent of the Dixie voters that did not approve of slavery before the war and loudly opposed the decision to start the war. Many had to be bypassed or frightened into silence to allow the CSA to be born. Even during the war, a major part of the Union forces had been born in the South,and many who still lived down South were secretly pro-union. The war was used as a pretext to reinforce the slave-owning class by calling any objection to slavery unpatriotic, but in fact much of the  grassroots grumbling from hard working small farmers had been going on for decades.

    So in effect the war WAS fought over "states rights": the right of US citizens in the North to make political choices despite fear of Dixie intransigence coming from an arrogant and deeply entrenched plutocracy.

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