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View Diary: So You're Shocked Some Young, Southern White Dude Defended Slavery at CPAC? (249 comments)

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  •  Of course the haters try to teach their progeny to (0+ / 0-)

    hate, just as the tolerant try to teach their kids to be tolerant.  

    I grew up in a union, democratic household, and while we rarely invited other kids to our church (only if their families were members too) I would get invited by other kids and their parents to fundy-style religious services and bible studies all of the time.  It would irritate my mom to no end!

    So yes, the conservative whacks will try to hold onto their own, and even recruit others, but as the last election shows, the younger generations are way more tolerant and open minded than their parents and grandparents.  I think this is what is behind the fundy homeschooling trend and attempts to take over local school boards.  

    On an individual level, we can make sure that we make time for the kids, teens, and young adults in our lives, to give those drowning in the hate of a wacko family that there is another point of view.  That is something we can all do.

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