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  •  Prank call to Dublin: (4+ / 0-)

    back in '87, our Engish housemate Robin had some pages of the Dublin phonebook, and Kurt decided to call a random one.

    Middle-aged woman answers, Kurt says "Can you give me directions to Mcmurphy's bar... pub, I mean pub...?

    Now any American would've just hung up, but she really ran with it:

    "Well. there's Mcmurphy's on the streetcorner, and one on the next block, and then there's Mcnurphy's  and Mcmarphy's; there're so many pubs here, there's one on every streetcorner, and then there're the churches, and that's not counting the private houses...yeah...really every house in Dublin's a bar... hmmm?

    Kurt says 'alright', like ok you got me, that'l be enough of that; she asks if there's anything else she can answer for him, and a polite goodbye. First-rate gab, really quick-witted.

     Actually Robin wasn't bad either- he and Ron were out drinking one night and wanted to avoid a cop for some reason, so they went off to some side alley and lay down; cop finds them, says "Is this what everybody does over in England, gets drunk and lies face down in the gutter?" And Robin didn't miss the opportunity to answer "Yes. Yes we do."

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