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View Diary: Scott Walker Wants to be President (hahahaha) and His CPAC Bloviations (Update) (111 comments)

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    I was watching the tape of a local school board meeting this morning.  The financial director was talking about the high cost of health insurance premiums.  Seems that, since Walker increased the amount that public employees contribute, people have been opting out of the plans in favor of those that their spouse might have in private employment.
    With more people leaving the plan, those that need the plan most and have the largest number of medical needs are left to run up the cost to the company providing the coverage.  Therefore, the companies are raising premiums and it is actually costing the district more and fewer people are being covered.  In the future they are looking at surcharges for employees or having to raise taxes to cover the cost of increased premiums.  Kind of looks like Walker's plan is backfiring. On top of that, teachers and administrators are leaving at such a rapid rate that they're talking about a referendum to raise salaries.  They just raised the salaries of school psychologists by $20K because they were leaving. "Stupid is as stupid does"

    Even Napoleon had his Watergate - Yogi Berra

    by Danosh on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 12:32:38 PM PDT

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