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View Diary: Scott Walker Wants to be President (hahahaha) and His CPAC Bloviations (Update) (111 comments)

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  •  Exactly (6+ / 0-)

      Our media is trying some meme of "Walker is unstoppable." He's as unstoppable as Bush and the GOP was in 2005. And I think 2014 will bear a lot of resemblance to 2006- the "tools" have done nothing except steal money from public employees, and we're still in the 40s in job creation.

       If the DPW was remotely competent, they'd be running ads smashing this guy's plans into the ground, because the people do not supprt what he stands for. It's only through media propganda and meatheads who think reciting Koch talking points is "strength: that this guy even has an approval rating in the high 40s.

      Our media wants the national story, but if we tell the truth, they won't get it. It's time to make both Walker and right-wing propaganda pay dearly for their negligence over the next 20 months.

    •  We're not still in the 40s (4+ / 0-)
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      Puddytat, Creosote, Mike Kahlow, nadd2

      We have 13 years of QCEW data readily available, and until Walker came along Wisconsin had never been ranked in the 40s.  We can't still be in the 40s if we never were before!

      Walker led us there... from number 11 at the time of his swearing-in.

      On the other hand, if you meant that the QCEW rankings for 2012Q3 and 2012Q4 will show us still in the 40s once they become available, I've seen nothing at all that gives me cause to believe otherwise.

      Fake candidates nominated by the GOP for the recalls: 6 out of 7. Fake signatures on the recall petitions: 4 out of 1,860,283.

      by GeoffT on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 11:50:44 PM PDT

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      •  I think Jake is referring to Walkers tenure (1+ / 0-)
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        Lately he's been promoting his job creation mythology as if he's doing a fine job.  Our media, of course, haven't countered that with the actual facts that Walker lost us a whole hellovalotta jobs.

        We were actually doing OK after the financial collapse.  It's the Walker budget that tanked the state.

        There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

        by Puddytat on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 12:52:07 AM PDT

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        •  'Lost' isn't quite accurate (3+ / 0-)
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          Mike Kahlow, Puddytat, nadd2

          'Lost the opportunity to do a whole lot better' is better.

          I know Jake has been all over the job stats, I just didn't want any casual readers to read his 'still' to imply that 42nd place was anything other than novel territory for Wisconsin (I have found people who, when confronted with this fact, seem to think that we were 50th under Doyle).

          The DWD released revised CES data on Thursday, which brought it into line with 2011 QCEW (BLS release of the same revised data for all states will be on Monday).  Politifact will show something close to 56,000 private sector jobs gained since December 2010 when it updates with the January CES data.

          That's rather less than half the pace required to keep his 250k promise, and about 40,000 off the national pace.

          2012 job growth (CES: +14,200 for the whole year and the first nine months anticipated QCEW very closely) was certainly slower than 2011 (QCEW: +29,800, good for 38th place, revised CES: +31,800).

          Fake candidates nominated by the GOP for the recalls: 6 out of 7. Fake signatures on the recall petitions: 4 out of 1,860,283.

          by GeoffT on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 02:27:28 AM PDT

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