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  •  I live in Florida (0+ / 0-)

    Every single day, I see the results that happen when anti-government libertarian kookjobs get to make decisions on funding state and local governments. It's why we are laying off teachers, closing down parks, and shutting down libraries.

    •  Odd isn't it? Yet they won't prosecute the (0+ / 0-)

      criminals for what they've done.  The intentional acts to undermine the very fabric of our social compact, ie the constitution.

      They won't defund the Military Industrial Complex or the Prison Industrial Complex.  They won't hold the criminals on Wall Street accountable. They won't hold the telecoms accountable and they surely won't hold the Bankers and the Federal Reserve accountable for their crimes of driving the majority of Americans into perpetual poverty.

      They've misdirected their anger at the wrong targets, imo.

      I don't think I'd call them "kookjobs" however.  The allure of freedom is very enticing.  They've been hoodwinked and conned into believing "freedom" is defined as "no government".  They forget that their rights end where mine begin and to have a "civil" society we must have a neutral arbiter when we transgress each others rights.

      The examples of cutting teachers, libraries and parks only reveals how truly limited our local officials are.  That's all they can cut.  It doesn't change the underlying problems, the institutionalized racist police actions and/or criminal mentality that our "officials" have.  

      When the population wakes up and find our country has been sold to the highest bidder or the "most connected" then they'll be put out of office too, I hope.


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      by gerrilea on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 07:03:09 AM PDT

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