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  •  Absolutely it's better (5+ / 0-)

    that they've changed their minds than not. Politically, it's a very good thing. Yet I have difficulty thanking them for their compassion when it only appears in purely self-serving situations.

    I don't wish every rich man a penniless son, so he can feel compassion for the poor. Or every conservative a close relative who is forced into bankruptcy due to huge medical bills as a result of a catastrophic illness. Or every religious zealot a pregnant daughter who needs an abortion to protect her own health. I don't wish these things on anyone, because I have compassion, even for those with whom I disagree. But if these kinds of events are what it takes to effect political change, I will welcome the change.

    •  I'm just speaking personally (2+ / 0-)
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      Victor Ward, Kane in CA

      But largely, I feel that my progressive stances can also be considered self-serving.

      My belief is that encouraging a strongly interdependent society, where people help other people, is in the end the best way to serve my own selfish interests. After all, the whole reason humans developed societies is that they recognized that in the long run, cooperating and depending on others is the best way to ensure the ability to pursue individual interests.

      So when I see Republicans who act in ways that seem to purely serve their self-interests, I just see people who haven't yet learned this lesson, and I want to find ways to better communicate this concept to them.

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