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    dewtx, RiveroftheWest

    richholtzin and all, the NPS Rangers at Glacier are fond of relating the fact that there's never been a grizzly attack on a group of four or more hikers in that park. And they encourage all who are hiking to carry the bear-sized pepper spray canisters, and, as you note, make lots of noise on the trail.

    A little sardonic humor: most of those who are informed about bears vs. humans in Glacier NP mock the little bells that some hikers think will relieve them of having to talk loudly, "bark,"  or sing on the trail. They call them bear or grizzly dinner bells. (Lots of black bears in Glacier too!)

    I'll have to give the notion of a diary about Glacier NP some thought, I haven't through the entire park, (the northwest corner is much less accessible), but my wife and I have traveled the "Going To The Sun" road that transects the Park many times, and stopped at the highlights along the way, and we have hiked some in the Swiftcurrent area (east side, adjacent to the Blackfeet Res), and so we have some experiences that could be related.

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    by paz3 on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 09:31:29 AM PDT

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      and share the Glacier experience with the rest of us, do you think? I love that area, and loved driving the neatly named "Going to the Sun Highway" (which heads toward, Logan, if memory serves). I only had that one bear encounter and my buddy who said I was nuts and it was a damn cow that walked over my bag also left gigantic prints and those prints had equally gigantic claws. I never saw a cow with such and he quit ribbing me about it. So, yes, never an attack in that park, but I remember the bears coming into town, which I think is Waterloo or something, there with that gorgeous Prince what's-his-name hotel sits so prominently in that locale, and those funky bus-coach old thingys. Anyway, you could hear the bears raising holy hell with the trash cans part of the night. Not sure if sort of thing goes on now, but it sure did in the 70s. Anyway, thanks for posting your comment, again, paz3, and do, please, consider writing a diary, because it seems this community is, well, hot to trot on travel logs and such. I think that's why I'll keep my DKos tour series active, that is, until someone out there tells me to go take a long hike off a short pier. Or something.

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      by richholtzin on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 01:43:12 PM PDT

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