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    But not laughing is the easy part.  I mean, notwithstanding the fact that I can finish their sentences for them, that anyone with a pulse that's demonstrated the least bit of concern for accuracy and knowledge could refute them point by ignorant point...

    Well, it's more of an anthropological phenomena than anything else, at least to me.  

    Really, what is going on here is the manifestation of tribalism.  Humans have broken down along tribal lines for our entire history, it seems.  I mean whether it's race, politics, geography, language, or religion, all across the world for the totality of our existence, we've manufactured identities for ourselves and joined appropriate tribes.

    And when there are no clear dividing lines? We manufacture them.  Witness soccer hooliganism, or the SF fan beaten into a coma by the Dodger fans...  

    Here, what I see are young indoctrinates performing a sort of ritualistic affirmation.  Their define themselves by their fluency in and fealty to conservative dogma.  When they agreed to be filmed, it was a sort of "peacock" moment for them that provided an opportunity for them to proudly state who they are.

    Was never very good at math. Oddly, though, I can count by twos if I start at the number 1.

    by Mike Stark on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 09:09:10 AM PDT

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