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View Diary: Cops arrest, rough up, hold for 12hrs and charge woman with obstruction/resisting for jaywalking(!) (90 comments)

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  •  It's the culture of obedience. (35+ / 0-)

    The law is seen as an instrument of coercion, not as a prohibition of certain socially harmful acts. The concept that individual behavior is presumably good, until proven otherwise (innocent until guilty), has been reduced to the starting point of a trial. Our agents of law enforcement are not being taught to be polite to the public; nor that they are public servants. The are being trained to be obedient and, since that's an abusive situation, they pass it on. Imposing obedience on others is their reward for subordinating themselves to their higher-ups. It's an organizational problem. It may be a consequence of the fact that incompetent people are being promoted into positions of authority. Just look at that emergency manager in Detroit who doesn't know how to keep his own accounts and has liens for unpaid taxes filed against him, four times.

    When they get into legislative bodies, these good talkers, who manage to talk themselves out of trouble, are scofflaws. They pass laws so they can scoff at people who obey the irrational restrictions they impose.

    Perambulation is one of the basic human rights because it is derived from an intrinsic function. Since it isn't mentioned in the Constitution, the culture of obedience violates it with impunity. Also, the law enforcers are parsing when an arrest occurs to avoid having to comply with the obligation to respect rights. That's why the victim of this assault was only detained, as are the foreigners without papers who are being rounded up for deportation and as are the captives in Guantanamo. The rationale seems to be that individuals have no rights until they are arrested. So, let's not arrest them.
    The main body of the Constitution is written up as a directive -- what agents of government may and must do. There was some concern about appending prohibitions, which is what the first ten amendments are, probably because of the human proclivity, when confronted with prohibitions, to find exceptions. Indeed, exceptions are written in. "You can't do a search except when warranted." So, for example, they routinely search people they stop (arrest, technically) because a fear for their safety warrants it. Finally, the law considers simple assault a misdemeanor, even though it violates bodily integrity -- more evidence that human rights, to which persons are entitled by virtue of being natural persons, are not a top priority. Humans exist to be exploited by their own kind is the belief that is in basic conflict with the commitment to human rights. At present, the authoritarians are in a hunt for some population they can exploit with impunity. "Immigrants" are a nice target because they have no obvious identifiers, so anybody could be one and all the law enforcers need is suspicion. Perambulators or pedestrians are all suspect. Bicyclists too, but they are harder to catch by cops in their cages on wheels.
    Why do caged cops want to put people in cages? They're under restraints, why shouldn't everyone else be, as well?

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 12:59:38 AM PDT

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