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View Diary: Cops arrest, rough up, hold for 12hrs and charge woman with obstruction/resisting for jaywalking(!) (90 comments)

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  •  Those laws are also pretty universally not (2+ / 0-)
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    enforced, and the woman was not charged with jaywalking.

    Whatever this woman was arrested for, it was not jaywalking.  Either the cop was having a bad day, or was low on quota.  If this was in part of the 0.001% of the US where jaywalking laws are actually enforced, it may have been because a cop with a severe anger management problem viewed not having an ID as giving him lip, and he has learned over the years that he can get away with being an abusive thug when he feels like it.

    Regardless of how you look at it, there's no way any of this makes sense.  There's no law requiring people carry ID.  IMHO resistance and obstruction charges should not exist when there are no other charges, or all other charges are dropped.

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