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  •  change of government (4+ / 0-)

    its so easy to change a government if you have 2 major parties who are basically following the same principles of economic policys if they ar ein power . One slightly more radical - but as did the US under Clinton it were the social democrats who introduced welfare reform in Germany in the early parts of the last decade - to prove that they are sufficiently market liberal .

    The workers paid for it.

    And with the tax policies which for example Ireland pursued (and I lived there for 5 years) . Pretty much every major project in the country was financed by the EU - and at the same time the government kept the taxes low to lure companies into the country.  

    And regarding the budget - Germany pays more then 20% of the EU Budget - a big net contribution every year.

    How much do you think would be enough . Our people just want to work and we do this quite efficient . Our industy profits  a lot from the EU - I know that . But it is not the peoples fault that we lived austerity for 20 years on a certain level (and still have no balanced budget)  . And no most people would be fine if the money was spent to effect. But the money is wasted (especially in cartain parts of Southern Europe) and the country who pays a lot of the bills gets blamed for every single negative thing which happens - and all positive effect are caused by  the local polititians . And that is a dangerous game .  
    In the US parts of the county also finances the south - and is repaid by laxer labour laws and lower taxes because certain states don't need to pay all their bills themselves but the tab is picked up by the federal government.
    In the EU its pretty much the same - with the major difference that it is a lot of different cultures with lot of different languages and not that far removed form a certainly violent history. And everybody who does not take that into consideration plays with fire.

    If I follow your argument I would need to conclude that every american is responsible for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because you elected GWB . Not sure you like that either.

    "How many years since you found yourself staring at an endless sky? " VNV Nation - Endless Skies

    by Kavalor on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 01:19:14 PM PDT

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