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  •  It is important to remember (5+ / 0-)

    that to the infinitely wealthy Masters of the Universe [MoU's], money is just a tool to be used for specific purposes. In a fiat system like our Fed and the European Central Bank, vast amounts of 'money' - the medium of exchange - can be made to disappear practically overnight [liquidated] and those MoU's will never miss it. It's just entries on a balance sheet by that point.

    There's no real shortage of money and there never will be. It's just tokens (print as many as you like!) being moved around and/or made to disappear into the socio-political equivalent of a black hole, for the purpose of extracting that which is and has always been the only real wealth in this world - property and labor. To whatever end the MoUs have in mind when they engineer such things as mass global impoverishment [a.k.a. worldwide depression].

    IOW, there are indeed reasons why a money supply waxes and wanes, having nothing whatsoever to do with money itself (which is worthless). Those reasons seldom have anything to do with the average person's meager provision for life and death on planet earth, apart from the ability of the MoU's to cash out and start the whole indentured servitude/mass enslavement game over again every generation or two or three.

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