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View Diary: Oh, F*ck No - He Did Not Just Make A Joke About Rape (157 comments)

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  •  Disagree. Morally retarded stopped me in my tracks (18+ / 0-)

    At first, I had your reaction as a glossed over it, but then I realized it was "morally" and not mentally. Then I lliterally laughed out loud, because of the truth of the statement. Lack of morals - or slow development of a moral compass - is a choice.

    Full disclosure: my beloved brother was born with Down syndrome, and my family and I have spent half a century fighting - in the courts and elsewhere - for appropriate educational rights and other rights for the disabled. We're very much on the same side in this battle.

    I was not offended by the term morally retarded, and I will never unilaterally disarm when doing battle with the bigots of the right. If I can't throw a pie in their hate-filled faces, I will summon up the power of every single word in the English language to fight back and defeat these bullies.

    I understand and appreciate your concerns, however. Your heart is good and pure. You don't fight dirty. They do. And because they do, so do I.

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