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  •  Are you seriously suggesting that seven billion (0+ / 0-)

    eating food produced by diesel fuel,
    are going to be just fine,
    when we run out of oil?

    We need a plan.

    The oil companies have a plan:
    squeeze out a little more oil and gas,
    and sell it,
    and use the money to feel more powerful.

    Some of the oil billionaires
    will buy land in South America,
    land with plenty of fresh water...
    I heard the Bush family already did that.

    They can live well,
    and let the masses starve.

    I'm serious.

    But I will fail in my attempt
    to motivate folks to take action.

    Millions will starve,
    here in the USA.

    if no one ever figures out that contraception
    is the only way out of a brutal cycle,
    the population will shoot up,
    after the famines,
    creating more famines,
    and so on,
    over and over.

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