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  •  The Parents of the Boomers (4+ / 0-)

    were what I call the "GI Bill" generation. They grew up during the Depression, enlisted when WWII started if they were male, or went to work if female; and in general, did what their country expected of them.

    Many went to college after the war, most went to work for companies that had a pension system, and they were living in a growing economy.  They were able to afford to buy a home, and a car, and to travel.

    Please note -- the Boomer generation began entering the workforce in 1962 and the tip of the iceberg (1946) became eligible for early reduced Social Security benefits in 2008. At about the half-way point in the Boomers' careers, Congress changed the rules, and increased FICA taxes on both employees and employers.

    We paid for our parents and, in some cases, our grandparents retirements. We will be damned before we let anyone refuse us the benefits we have earned.

    Yes -- we were stupid not to fight the degradation of unions, and the elimination of real pensions and good health benefits. If anything, we were too trusting of our government and the companies we chose to work for...

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