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  •  Great (and very popular) diary (14+ / 0-)

    Your insect photos are great and its wonderful you are attracting so much aquatic life.

    I have a question and then a few entomological comments.  Do you have any fish in your ponds?  If not, how do you prevent them from generating huge numbers of mosquitoes?  My pond in Illinois had all kinds of interesting aquatic inverts but we needed to add some minnows to keep the unwanted inverts out.

    Finally, and I hope you take this in the spirit it is offered, I have a couple of corrections to offer.  You are doing a fantastic job with you insect IDs (much more so that I am).

    All those scientific names are two words and you are writing them as one.  For example, Polistesmetricus should be written Polistes metricus.  Not only does this 'look wrong' to those used to dealing with these names but it means that if you paste one into a search engine you won't find anything.

    I love your Stonefly picture - I have only seen them a couple of times in my life.  However it isn't correct to say that Fishflies are close relatives of Stoneflies - they are completely different orders of insects.  Similarly the toe biters are aquatic hemipterans and more closely related to a cicada or milkweed bug than they are to a diving beetle.

    Again a fantastic job and I hope you don't mind my comments.

    "To see both sides of a quarrel, is to judge without hate or alarm" - Richard Thompson

    by matching mole on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 11:00:00 AM PDT

    •  Thanks mole, (12+ / 0-)

      We have fish in the largest pond, the one with the bridge.
      About three dozen goldfish and two koi live in it. The water in that pond is pumped up into the small tub pond above it that you can see, which is actually a filter. It drains from that into the other pond above the damn that you see in the picture and then drains, via the small waterfall back into the larger pond. I think the constant flow of the water deters the mosquitoes from laying eggs in any of those. We do have a third, small tub pond in another part of the yard, fishless with only a small aerator to keep the water from going sour and we do get mosquitoes in it at times but not to the extent that you would think.  It's possible that the tadpoles eat most of the larvae but I'm not sure about that.

      As for the misnaming, you are right, and I knew better. I copied the names directly from my pics which I always label as short as possible when I name them. But you're right, and I should have taken the time to add a space between the names for this diary.

      I apologize for the mistake on the stonefly/fishfly connection, that is simply the result of a wrong assumption of mine and I should know by now never to assume anything.

      As for the diving beetles, I'm heading for bugguide right now, I really think these are rather close relatives to the toe biters but I may very well be wrong, sure wouldn't be the first time.

      And I absolutely  don't mind anything you said, now or ever, that I can remember. I appreciate your knowledge.

      Just give me some truth. John Lennon

      by burnt out on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 11:39:03 AM PDT

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