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  •  Beautiful creatures and I especially love the ones (13+ / 0-)

    on the water, the mix of bright colors of the insects, water and plants, in the sun, the curved and wrinkled surfaces of them all. I have to admit I have not looked that closely at wasps, and I've been missing something. I checked my own photos to see if I could add any pond inverts in a comment, and I don't have any :(  Project for the summer for me! Small ponds in the woods since I don't have one in my yard (yet? maybe?).

    Thanks for the pics of the ponds as a whole, now I have a sense of the setting. Really nice how they link together. Those flat rocks around the edges must be a great platform for lying on to see in the water. In some earlier bucket you were talking about possible underwater views. How about this, given your set up there - lie flat on the rock edge, float a glass pyrex pan (like a pie pan or a big rectangular one, like what I bake cornbread or brownies in), and then photograph straight down through the glass. The pan acts like a dive mask and you won't get the camera wet. I bet you'd get some great images of larval insects, diving beetles, and maybe fishes too.

    Thanks for all these lots of photos. Great diversity. Looking forward to the next edition of the pond.

    •  Thanks OD, (10+ / 0-)

      I"ve been planning on trying to get some underwater pics this summer when it warms up that I can get right in the water and look for subjects.  I plan on doing it at either (or both) the small river below us here or one of the small creeks. Both have fairly clear water and both are brimming over with all kinds of aquatic life. The yard ponds have a few critters but nothing in comparison to what's in the natural waters here.

      Like your idea of the pie pan for taking underwater photos. I'm not sure if the thick glass might distort the image but I'm going to test it out and if that doesn't work I'll keep looking for something that does.  Thanks for the idea!

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      by burnt out on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 12:40:25 PM PDT

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