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View Diary: Rape: Anonymous but Silenced No More (142 comments)

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  •  Seems worth repeating... (10+ / 0-)

    From NBC News:

    Judge in Steubenville rape trial to issue verdict Sunday

    The girl also testified that when she finally went to the hospital, after seeing a video in which classmates joked about the assault, she was reluctant to identify her assailants.

    When Hemmeter asked her why, the girl replied: "Because honestly, I was praying that everything I heard wasn't true. I didn't want to get myself into drama because I knew everyone would just blame me."

    (emphasis added)

    Unlike several of those commenting here, Judge Thomas Lipps refused to blame the victim in this case.

    And it may not be the last we hear on this matter.

    This from the New York Times:

    Ohio Teenagers Guilty in Rape That Social Media Brought to Light

    The trial also exposed the behavior of other teenagers, who wasted no time spreading photos and text messages with what many in the community felt was callousness or cruelty.

    And that aspect of the case may not be complete. The Ohio attorney general, Mike DeWine, said after the verdict that he would convene a grand jury next month to finish the investigation.

    In an interview, Mr. DeWine said that while it was not clear that more people would face charges, prosecutors might consider offenses that include obstruction of justice, failure to report a felony and failure to report child abuse. State officials have interviewed almost 60 people — students, coaches, school officials and parents — but 16, most of them juveniles, have refused to speak to investigators.

    (emphasis added)

    Thank you to the diarist(s) for speaking out, and for your courage.

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