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    After reading, I was somewhat confused.  What was the point?  So, I did what every self-respecting graduate of a public university who has ever  taken a communications course would do: I reread what probably was the conclusion.

    "For ourselves, women of the past, and future generations, we must reframe rape in a way that places the blame where it belongs. And that can’t happen without your voice."

    That didn't help. Why? Because the author choose not to report her rape at the time and one respondent sagely advised her of the wisdom of that decision: positing that such an endeavor would not have yielded any justice.  (or even recount it other than anonymously)  So, whose voice(s) are we talking about?

    Certainly not the voices of those in this blog who sought to understand the rather enigmatic account of events.  quiet in NC, Clem Yeobright, and Remove Kebab for example.  Attacking a KOSer for asking a reasonable question is a definite red flag. The reason for their questions, which LilithGardener dismissed as trolling, was that the account of  these very disturbing events seemed, frankly, bizarre.  

    1. she is assaulted in a cab but manages to calm him down without asking to get out before the trip ends.  2. After that assault she allows the guy into her apartment with the understanding he will stay overnight.  3. After hours of being raped and he falls asleep, she does not leave the apartment or call a friend for back up but wakes the guy up and convinces him he would be better on the couch..she still trusts him to stay in her house?  

    Finally, the author/anon blogger divulged another, more salient,  data point: her rapist/coworker/lawyer was also an admitted murderer who "got off on a technicality".  Mind blowing, on so many levels..related (sharing a cab?) and (unrelated:how did he pass the bar?).

    So, the purpose of this post does not seem to be to encourage raped women to come forward, get support, and seek justice.   The only objective I can determine, at this point, was to advertise  Jesselyn Radack"s book at every opportunity.

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