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  •  Actually, about one foot (9+ / 0-)

    But if you rub it, it becomes longer. [Ooh, he made a dirty joke.]

    Simple math: speed of light is 3x10^10 cm/sec. One nsec is 10^-9 sec. Multiply those together and you get 30 cm, which is a little less than a foot.

    Grace Murray Hopper used to give out nanoseconds, which she clipped from remnants of phone cables, at her lectures. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak a couple of times. She would joke that  since nanoseconds were becoming slow in the computer world, she needed to start explaining picoseconds, but those would be one-thousandth the length of nanoseconds. So how to make picoseconds? She held up a handful of nanoseconds and speculated about putting them through a pepper mill... They really did throw away the mold when they made her.

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