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  •  Some of my best early memories involve (6+ / 0-)

    our family reunions on my father's side. He was originally from West Virginia and had five brothers and sisters who had mostly moved to the Baltimore area after WWII. They started having extended family reunions every 4th of July sometime in the late 1950's. They chose the 4th of July because we still had a lot of family members involved in the coal mining industry, (my grandfather was a coal miner), and the mines were traditionally shut down for a two week break over the 4th. They were memorable events, mostly at my uncle Jack's house while I was young.

    There was a small beach a couple of blocks away where we could all go swimming as long as we remembered to get a "beach tag" from my Aunt Mary. (It was several years later when the realization hit me that the purpose for the beach tags was to enforce segregation.) There was also the man a couple of streets over who sold illegal fireworks to all the neighborhood kids from the trunk of his car. And in addition to the tons of food, kegs of beer, and the ongoing game of horseshoes, we had enough people back then to field two full teams for a game of softball.

    The baseball field was just a field where homes had not yet been built in the subdivision, and we all had to hike a small bit through the woods to get to it - making it that much more of adventure as a little kid. I can still remember my first game, being too small to even hold the bat steady, and hearing my Uncle Ronnie call out "SWING!" as the ball approached. And of course, my swing was about a second late, but that didn't matter at all to me. I got to play with the big kids!

    Great diary figbash! Thanks for stirring up ancient memories.

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    by kbman on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 12:15:04 PM PDT

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