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View Diary: Guys, If The Girl Is Drunk It Is Rape – Period (165 comments)

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    It is being argued that any legal impairment means you are no longer able to give consent. That would mean a couple drinks in most states. I don't know if you've ever been a little tipsy before, but since I'm not much of a drinker one glass of wine will do it for me, and I don't think that makes me unable to give consent. Arguing that being above the legal limit - which is nowhere near being so shitfaced you don't know which way is up - makes you completely incapable of consenting to sex is the same thing as saying you can't make decisions for yourself under those conditions. If you truly believe that and accept that as true, why would you find a drunk driver at fault? They didn't know what they were doing after all, right?

    If you really think someone should be vulnerable to criminal prosecution for rape because their partner had a couple glasses of wine beforehand, then I'm the victim of multiple rapes and should be seeking justice. And yeah, Horace, I get that this is the law in some places and some people are going to become victims of an overzealous prosecutor. I'm also arguing that's not how it should be. And I say this as a boring homebody who avoids parties where this becomes an issue, so I'm exceedingly unlikely to ever find myself in this position. I'm still flabbergasted by the position expressed by this diarist and some of the comments here. This went way overboard into prosecuting normal human social norms.

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