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View Diary: How Christian are the Republicans? A Sunday Sermon on Community According to Jesus (14 comments)

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    Republicans claim to be Christian. Yet there actions and deeds say otherwise. The same can be said for all right-wing Christians. If Christ came to their door in the middle of the night seeking shelter and help, they would look upon him as a nothing more than a homeless person and would more likely than not turn him away! These are the same people who turn there backs on there fellow citizens,who have fallen on hard times and demand cuts to the programs that help them claiming we meaning they can't afford them. Then they turn around and take the money that was saved and give it to the rich and they have the nerve to claim the mantle of Christian. These same people would have had no  problem casting the first stone since they see themselves as the only ones who Christ loves and cares about, because they are without sin in their own eyes!!!!

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