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  •  Aji, I, too, attended (8+ / 0-)

    college in bits and pieces...  in more ways than one.  The broken person that I was, I was rarely able to complete a course, never able to get a degree. I have yet to achieve anything that could be called a career. There are still children, some of them infants, within me who sometimes scream in pain or terror. I, too, never had children of my own. I stand here, 57 years old, scarred and battered, some wounds still unhealed, and I say, I have not been defeated.

    I look at you and see a shining spirit. You were battered and wounded, you were lied to about your own nature and about the nature of the universe. Yet all the things they did to you, and all the things they forced you to do to survive, could not destroy your light. I can see it, who have never met you. It speaks to me, and to others here. We are the proof. No one owns you. The monsters did not win. Any time their lies rise up to haunt you, look to us, and see the truth about your own nature reflected back to you in our love and our respect. There is a gentle, safe and warm embrace waiting for you here, whenever you want it.

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