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  •  Oh Aji... (7+ / 0-)

    I'm sitting here bawling, I've been trying for like an hour to find the right words to didn't trigger me, but this does break my heart because I know the dark space you are inhabiting all too well. I went through something similar about a month ago-a series of events just triggered me to the point where I thought I was going to die or go insane. Everything just started flooding back, and I couldn't stop it, I had no control. I did exactly what you did-I wrote, and I wrote, and it helped a lot to get it out. I wasn't brave enough to post it. But I had the same freaking thoughts-like this bastard won. I'm irreparably broken, and I will never, ever be OK.

    And then completely out of nowhere, the most amazing thing happened, and my life completely the universe stepped in or something, and gave me exactly what I needed. And I just have this feeling that the universe will intervene for you too. Because if anyone on this earth deserves a life filled with love and happiness, it's you.

    And yes, I'm also sickened, just appalled, by the responses I've seen to the Stubenville case and the other headline horrors of late. The excuses, the ignorance, the victim shaming, the flat out refusal to even TRY to understand. To that end-this diary should be required fucking reading for every single ignorant yahoo out there who does these things. Because let me tell you, as sad as I am that you even had to write this and as painful as I know it must have been to go back there in your mind, this is a piece of art, seriously. It is haunting, and beautifully written, just a raw and powerful glimpse into the darkest recesses of humanity. It's amazing, and I'm sending it to everyone I know.

    And I know you didn't write this for yourself, but I just want to say this loud and clear. You are no ones property Aji. You are not any of the names you were called, or the lies you were told about yourself, or the words screamed into your face.

    No, you are an amazing woman, and an inspiration. Even in your weakest moments, you are stronger than most people who walk this earth. I know this, because every time I read your writing your soul and your spirit shine through, and you take my breath away. Every time. You have helped me get through some of my darkest moments with your words and the kindness of your spirit.

    And in my mind, you won, Aji, because you were told with words, and fists, and the rage of broken people that you were ugly, worthless, stupid, a piece of property. Again and again and again, these lies were literally pounded into your flesh and bones. And they may have broken your body, and your spirit at times, but they never managed to destroy your humanity. That beautiful spirit inside of you managed to survive, and that didn't happen by accident. It happened because you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

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    You must work-we must all work-to make a world that is worthy of its children -Pablo Casals Please support TREE Climbers for victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

    by SwedishJewfish on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 01:20:34 PM PDT

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