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View Diary: The real patient in America's health care is the system itself (10 comments)

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  •  I disagree with many of your points (0+ / 0-)

    Sure, our system is flawed with too many tests, doctor remuneration etc -- but the underlying factor is the COST we pay for insurance. The typical insurance admin cost (before capped, was over 20% of the premium. Medicare admin costs are 6% or less (depending on how calculated). this is the underlying factors in the cost of our sytem.

    I do not confuse single payer with unversal health care -- again it goes back to how we decide to "insure" that everyone is covered. You rightgully allude to Canada, I am ver coversant with their system -- EVERYONE IS COVERED WITH SINGLE PAYER THERE.  It is a simple, ealsily administered system, and would work well here.

    Finally, it is true Obamacare can improve things -- but there is no denying with 2000 pages of law, it is overly complicated, hard to get going, and may not be as effective as other solutions I suggest.

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